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Marian Anderson sung spirituals and folk music, which is obv. how I heard of her. Smoky deep and classically trained, she has the weirdest and prettiest version of Roll Jordan Roll. It's the classical stuff that'll stop your heart though - also she had a big range, so this isn't that deep for her:

Eee. This and if you can find it, her Casta Diva. Enough to turn any girl's head.

And that represents everything I know about classical music, so don't expect any more :D

Short (20 min) film about her:

You'll be pleased to know I still has insomnia :D *goes back to bed*

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That's sent me off to work in a deeply relaxed frame of mind lovely!, not had time to watch the documentary yet but I will tonight


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And I see that you seek to tempt me with Dreamwidth invite codes!

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*Resolve face*

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I'm sorry you have insomnia. It's not fun. But I have to admit I'm enjoying the music.