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2009-08-28 02:13 am

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The early 'Classic Female Blues', which sort of covers everything from Crazy Blues onwards when record companies suddenly noticed there was a market for Black music for Black audiences. Sort of 1920-1935, tapering off pretty heavily after that.

Skipping Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith because they need their own posts. A lot of these women came straight out of the music hall circuit, I've tried to keep this to jazz blues and straight up blues.

cop killers and plug ugly thrillers )

See also: Lucille Hegamin, Margaret Johnson, Trixie Smith, yada. Enjoy \o/
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2009-08-27 03:29 am

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Marian Anderson sung spirituals and folk music, which is obv. how I heard of her. Smoky deep and classically trained, she has the weirdest and prettiest version of Roll Jordan Roll. It's the classical stuff that'll stop your heart though - also she had a big range, so this isn't that deep for her:

Marian Anderson - Ave Maria )

Short (20 min) film about her:

You'll be pleased to know I still has insomnia :D *goes back to bed*
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2009-08-26 04:54 pm

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Top ten songs to prove to your kids they didn't invent sex:

I got somethin' 'tween my legs'll make a, dead man come )

Notice all these are women. Most of them are well known, mainstream blues and jazz ladies. Men got more money singing about sex, but the women just *did* it better.